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Mario M. Muller

Is a Fine Artist based in Los Angeles

         A native New Yorker, Mario M. Muller has mounted 23 solo exhibitions in Europe and the US in 30 years. He holds a degree from Northwestern University in Film and Fine Art and partook in prestigious master classes with Ed Paschke, Roy Lichtenstein, Audrey Flack, James Brooks and Wayne Theibaud. In addition to his prolific art career, Muller has

published over 100 articles on art and film criticism.


Corporate Collections

Latest Exhibitions

Twitter, Swiss RE, J.B. Speed Museum, Radio Shack, Deutsche Bank,
National City Bank, Stockyards Bank and Trust, Northwestern University, Pfizer, Banana Republic, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Standiford Field Art Foundation. Unilever Properties, Primestor Holdings, Com Data Partners, Louisville Gas and Electric, PNC Bank


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